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Balance Pelvic Health 

Harriet Peatman
Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist 

I am a pelvic health physiotherapist based in Frome, Somerset.  I specialise in the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction such as pelvic pain, incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse through simple management strategies, individualised exercise programmes and other treatment modalities.  My goal is to support my clients back to doing whatever it is that they enjoy - whether that is gardening, walking, running, or chasing kids/grandkids. 


No one should have to suffer in silence with these problems because there are effective treatment options available.  

Please see Services for more information about conditions that I can help with. 

I have a particular interest in providing postnatal checks for mums and supporting them to return to exercise safely (see testimonials).  I can provide a full postnatal MOT to give you the confidence to return to the activities that you enjoy.

For more information please see the FAQ page or contact me directly. 

Photo of Harriet Peatman


I qualified with a degree in Physiotherapy from King’s College London over 13 years ago.  I also have a BSc in Medical Science which has driven my interest in research and ensuring that I am always up to date with best practice. 


“Harriet is a delightful, kind and very knowledgeable physio, who gently took me through all the postnatal steps, questions and worries with a warm, encouraging and reassuring manner. Her understanding of the female body and it’s many changes gave me confidence, with practical and incisive advice that was easy to manage and implement. Highly recommended, she is a great, a very helpful and insightful experience!”

"You helped me manage the problems I had due to overactive pelvic floor and gave me the guidance and support I needed to get back to running without worrying that I was doing any damage. It really helped to understand the biology behind it all.

Thank you for everything you did for me"

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