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Postnatal Mummy Health Check 

The aim of the Mummy Health Check is to support you to feel strong and confident in your body.  I want to help you get back to whatever activities make you feel happy.  All your goals are important. They might be sneezing without leaking, chasing your toddler or returning to long distance running. 

The ideal time for a check is 6-10 weeks postnatal but it is never too late. You can still benefit from a check up years after having a baby. 


What does a Mummy Health Check include?

  • 1 hour appointment

  • A detailed history will be taken including screening for pelvic organ prolapse and identifying bladder and  bowel problems. We will also discuss any problems you may be having with intercourse. 

  • Pelvic floor muscle assessment (please see FAQ for more information)

  • Tummy muscle check to test for a separation

Treatment will depend on your individual goals but in general is likely to include:

  • Advice and strategies to help you manage any bladder, bowel or prolapse issues and problems with intercourse.

  • Teaching you how to do effective, coordinated pelvic floor exercises.

  • An individualised functional exercise programme that will be designed with your personal goals in mind.


Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.

You can email me at or contact me via the website

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