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What will happen in my first appointment?

During the initial appointment, I will ask you question about the problems you are having and I will listen to any concerns that you may have.  We will talk it all through together and identify the main goals that you would like to achieve.  I will need to ask about your medical history and what medications you take.

If you are experiencing pain, I will do a physical assessment including looking at the mobility of your joints, muscle strength, flexibility and your posture. 

If indicated, I would normally do a vaginal or rectal examination to assess the function of the pelvic floor.  I will be looking for signs of pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic floor strength, tenderness, tension or poor coordination. Please note that this is completely optional.  I always ensure that you have a very clear understanding of what we will do and why it is helpful.  Although, an internal examination is not mandatory, it is a very useful tool that allows me to tailor your treatment plan to your needs.

I will then explain all my findings and together we will put together a treatment plan that suits you.


What treatment can you provide?

The treatment will depend on our findings and on you as an individual. It may include lots of advice and education about managing your condition, guided strengthening, exercise advice, internal/external manual therapy, muscle release techniques, biofeedback, electrical stimulation.

Will treatment be painful?

Treatment should never be painful. You may feel achy for a day or two afterwards but we will talk this through

How many appointments will I need?

Some people only need one or two appointments. Others may require more if they have a more complex issue.

Can I bring someone with me?

You can bring a friend or family member with you.  For more information about formal chaperones please see our Chaperoning Policy.

I am very baby friendly so if you need to bring your baby that is ok. However, if you need to have an examination, it may be difficult for you to relax with a little one needing your attention.


Do you treat insurance claims?

Unfortunately, I do not work with insurance companies at the moment

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payment is due at the end of every session and can be made by card, cash or cheque


The clinic room has two steps with a rail to access it.  I can help with a pushchair if needed.  If wheelchair access is required, please let me know and I can arrange access to an appropriate room within the building. 

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